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We connect activists and initiatives

Here, everyone may find the most suitable refugee initiative in Kiel. By collecting all initiatives, groups and associations, establishing double activities can be avoided. The documentation of proven processes and contexts supports the independence of aid workers. is a participatory initiative. All texts and images are editalbe freely. There are only two rules: 1. everything has to be Public domain. 2. Do not ask - just do.

What's On in Kiel about Refugees? This portal provides the overall view. please help , to keep everything up to date. There is no need to login. Just click on the appropriate "Edit" link. You don't have to ask for permission first, just edit this page!


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{{#seo: |title=Flüchtlingshilfe in Kiel. Alle Initiativen, Vereine und Termine |fb:admins=100009955848033 |keywords=refugee aid, Kiel, overview, documentation, Wikipedia, initiatives, societies, information, connections, participate, helpers, activists |description=Find the fitting initiative about refugee aid in Kiel fast and easy. A collection and networking of all initiatives, groups and societies. Documentation of tested procedures and connected helpers. A come and help initiative }}